National Library Renewed Strategies for the Publication and Promotion of Its Research Journals


The Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania has renewed strategies for the publication of its research journals and dissemination of their content. The renewal includes revision of the conceptual framework for the publishing of the journal Parliamentary Studies and the new research journal Relevant Tomorrow; assembling of new international editorial boards and substantial updating of the Website of Parliamentary Studies. The first issue of the National Library’s new product, the peer-reviewed electronic bilingual research journal Relevant Tomorrow, is already on its way to the readers.

To quote the Library’s Director-General Prof. Dr. Renaldas Gudauskas, “In its planning of research activities, the National Library singles out research publishing as a priority. We hope that the renewed scholarly journals will considerably contribute to professional dissemination of research results. Henceforth both journals will be published on the basis of the electronic publishing platform Open Journal System. The implemented innovations will allow improving the quality of the journals’ publishing and enhancing the access as well as facilitating the indexing of information and its discoverability by search engines.”

The research journal Parliamentary Studies (Parlamento studijos) has been published by the National Library since 2004. The journal’s purpose is to encourage and broaden research in democratic governance, parliamentarism and political culture. Its authors include political analysts, historians, sociologists, researchers in linguistics and law as well as authors within the discipline of political communication. The journal publishes various research articles, sources, chronicles and reports.

The journal Relevant Tomorrow will be developed on the basis of the periodical selections of scholarly articles Bibliografijos žinios (“Bibliographical News”) and Bibliografija (“Bibliography”), which were published by the National Library starting with 1993. The Library’s Scientific Council has fundamentally reviewed the journal’s concept. It has been decided to broaden its scope: in addition to research in bibliography and information management, there will be articles and studies related to information safety, media and information literacy, processes of information policy and communication and on methodology. The journal has changed it format: from printed to exclusively electronic.

In order to focus on the highest international-level academic quality, the order of reviewing submissions to both journals has also been transformed. The journals will continue to be free for authors wishing to publish in them. The journals’ Websites completely conform to the requirements for academic journals and meet the quality criteria for premium research databases: licensing, international numbering, referencing and design, etc. of published works has been coordinated.

Electronic versions of both journals are free-of charge and freely accessible.