The Coverage of News From Seimas in Lithuanian Russian-language Periodical Press


  • Viktor Denisenko



Seimas, national minorities, press, news coverage


The article aims to analyze how local Russian-language newspapers in Lithuania are covering news from parliament (Seimas). The ground of analyzes is the research of periodical press articles from the period of September – December 2018. The subject of study is three leading Lithuanian newspapers in the Russian language – „Litovskij kurjer“, „Obzor“, „Ekspress-nedelia“.

The research showed that for covering news about the work of Seimas mentioned newspapers are using secondary sources. First of all, there are messages from news agencies – BNS, ELTA, also reprinted articles from other Lithuanian media. In some cases for coverage was used information from Russian media.

On the other hand, this information had limited influence on a broader „picture“ of Seimas‘ work.
In the analyzed publications was presented information about works and initiatives of a quite small group of members of parliament (in „Litovskij kurjer“ „visible“ was no more than 14 % of Seimas’ members, in „Obzor“ – no mere than 15 %, in „Ekspress-nedelia“ no more than 23 %).

In part of the articles, parliament was presented in general - as an institution (in texts was used constructions: „Seimas discussed...“, „Seimas considered...“ etc.). It could be concluded that the Russian-language newspapers in Lithuanian are covering news from Seimas regularly. The information about parliament work and decisions „Litovskij kurjer“, „Obzor“, „Ekspress-nedelia“ in general provides in similar way as other Lithuanian media.



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Denisenko, V. (2020). The Coverage of News From Seimas in Lithuanian Russian-language Periodical Press. Parliamentary Studies, (27), 119–143.