Use of Arguments in Fundraising Communication by Political Parties in Lithuania


  • Arnas Aleksandravičius



fundraising, 1% tax donations, political parties, party communication, arguments


Fundraising communication by political parties and candidates has a long history in many Western countries like the United States. In the recent years, it is also getting more and more visible in Lithuania. One possible cause for this tendency is emerging culture of giving, another – changes in political finance laws: since 2012, it is forbidden for political parties to take donations from business entities, however, it is now possible to collect 1% income tax donations from citizens. Over the last few years this possibility became an important part of political party financing, meaning that many political parties now actively engage in communication for raising 1% income tax donations and present different arguments on why Lithuanian citizens should donate 1% of their income tax to them. This research seeks to find out the specifics and tendencies of argumentation in fundraising communication by political parties in Lithuania. In this article, the theoretical system of rationality, credibility and emotionality arguments are used for content analysis of political party communication on 1% income tax donation in Lithuania. The analysis of arguments and means of argumentation is conducted on three communication channels: official political party websites, official political party newsletters and official political party „Facebook“ pages.



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Aleksandravičius, A. (2019). Use of Arguments in Fundraising Communication by Political Parties in Lithuania. Parliamentary Studies, (26), 45–68.