The Realization of Volunteer Movement Founders’ Idea of Unification in the Autumn of 1926


  • Aušra Jurevičiūtė



volunteer, soldier organization, parties, coup d’etat


The Union of Volunteers of the Lithuanian Army founded on January 8-9 1927 was an organization of former soldiers. The process of its establish-ment began in the autumn of 1926. All the political parties were watching the organizational activities by the Union of Volunteers. The Christian Democratic Party and the Peasant’s Popular Party were the ones which gave it the major attention as is evident from their daily newspapers − “Rytas” and “Lietuvos žinios”. Both of these political powers were so attentive about the organiza-tion being established by volunteers that attempts were made to have allies appointed at its forefront. On the other hand, Social Democrats and Commu-nists emphasized the reactionary nature of the volunteer movement in their press and prescribed the workpeople not to trust them. The new volunteer organization announced numerous protests against the Communist propa-ganda and the establishment of Polish schools. All this had an adequate effect on the public opinion. The Government, however, did not respond to the protests by the Union of Volunteers. The author investigates the relations between the above-mentioned three agents − the Union of Volunteers, political parties and the Government − and how these relations anticipated the threat of a coup d’etat. The interest expressed by all po-litical powers in the establishment of the volunteer organization and their wish to influence this establishment proves the significance of this organization.



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Jurevičiūtė, A. (2009). The Realization of Volunteer Movement Founders’ Idea of Unification in the Autumn of 1926. Parliamentary Studies, (8), 87–106.